7 Latinx Icons that Inspire My Fashion as a Young Latina

The Chic Daily 10/22 10:32A The Chic Daily
By: Jacquelyn Gonzales From folklorico skirts and trajes charros to hoop earrings and gold chain necklaces, Latinx fashion has always been about making a statement and sharing your cultura. Though Hispanic Heritage Month has come to an end, I...

Fashion Brand Crash Course: Kith

The Chic Daily 10/22 6:01A The Chic Daily
By: Nick Devor One noteworthy piece of news coming from the business side of high fashion has been the slow collapse of luxury retailer Barneys New York. The company filed for bankruptcy in early August after the rent on their Madison Avenue...

Do We Look For Love, Or Let Love Find Us?

The Chic Daily 10/15 1:13P The Chic Daily
By McKenna Leavens Viewer discretion is advised: What you are about to read is from a hopeless romantic who loves being in love. After my breakup, I struggled with the whole dating thing, and I expected everyone to be the one when it’s actually...

Fashion in the Film: The Hustlers

The Chic Daily 10/15 7:55A The Chic Daily
By Gabriella Herran and Isabella Fredrickson The film Hustlers is inspired by Jessica Pressler s New York article The Hustlers at Scores, which chronicles the downfall of Samantha Barbash and Roselyn Keo, two former exotic dancers who got caught...

BSTROY Controversy

The Chic Daily 10/11 1:20P The Chic Daily
By Cameron Rubner Disclaimer: Story speaks about sensitive material reader discretion is advised Opinion: Where do we draw the line between making a statement and being offensive? At New York Fashion Week, brand BSTROY unveiled their new hoody...

Baby’s First Fashion Show: My Experience at PHXFW

The Chic Daily 10/11 9:50A The Chic Daily
By: Walt Campbell Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed of attending fashion shows. So when I was offered the opportunity to cover Phoenix Fashion Week, I immediately jumped on board. When I found out I had been chosen to cover the event, I...

How to Curl Long Hair: A Loose Curls Hair Tutorial

Style Sizzle 10/8 5:59A Marlene
It took me many years, and many YouTube videos, to figure out how to curl long hair. So I’m super excited to share this loose curls hair tutorial with you today! If you want to know how to achieve...

Gold Rush 2019 Fashion Recap

The Chic Daily 10/4 4:22A The Chic Daily
By: Megan Barbera Rawhide Western Town is truly a magical place. On normal days, it’s theme park-like setup and wild west feel bring people of all ages in for a day of entertainment. When Relentless Beats takes over for the weekend, it transforms...

Aren’t We All A Little Crazy?

The Chic Daily 10/4 4:21A The Chic Daily
By: McKenna Leavens There’s nothing quite like being called crazy especially as a female. A word some men have become so comfortable saying. “Stop being crazy!” This phrase makes my head explode. This perception of women has created a double...

PHX Fashion Week Model Profile: Kira Faith

The Chic Daily 10/3 12:00P The Chic Daily
By Lauren Lippert Empowering. Strong. Genuine. Passionate. These are a few words that describe aspiring model Kira Faith. From the moment I first met her, Kira (pronounced KY-ra, don’t forget it) emitted the most flamboyant energy I’ve ever seen....

PHX Fashion Week Designer Profiles

The Chic Daily 10/3 10:22A The Chic Daily
By Autumn Schieferstein, Scott Daniels and Lauren Lippert Phoenix Fashion Week is here and better than ever. Since June, designers have participated in a designer bootcamp where they learn the basics of growing their business and revamping who...

5 Ways to Wear Animal Print This Season

Style Sizzle 10/1 11:21A Marlene
Can I let you in on a little secret? I’ve never been a huge fan of animal print. So to think I’d be writing a blog post on all the ways to wear animal print is a sure sign things change! It’s not all...

Why My Filipino Mom Loves Designer Bags

The Chic Daily 10/1 6:24A The Chic Daily
By: Kenzel Williams I’m sitting with my mom in the living room. We’re watching a Chinese drama about a woman going to the Philippines for a vacation after she’s told she has cancer. My mom scrolls through these episodes giving me a glimpse into...
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