Phoenix Suns Future Center is Already on the Team, and it’s not Ayton

Valley of the Suns 5/23 3:00A Tyler Stevens
You could start to feel them last summer, but at this point, the rumblings about Deandre Ayton s potential future with the Phoenix Suns are almost unignorable. The question around the entire scenario remains the same but one with a totally...

3 Phoenix Suns who just Played Their Last Games in Phoenix

Valley of the Suns 5/21 3:00A Collin Helwig
The Phoenix Suns never saw it coming, nor did their fans. But after Luka Doncic and his pesky sidekicks sprayed them from deep in the second round this year, they now find themselves in their bleakest position as a franchise since before their...

Phoenix Suns 2022 NBA Offseason Roadmap and What to Expect

Valley of the Suns 5/18 3:00A Jack Stradley
Everyone expected the Phoenix Suns to trot off the hardwood at the end of the postseason this year covered in orange and purple confetti, but instead, they crept back to their locker room while boos from their own fans rained down on them....

Suns’ Booker, Paul, Bridges with Mixed Reactions in Season Ending Loss

Valley of the Suns 5/15 5:50P Collin Helwig
All it takes is four losses in the month of May to make 64 of them look like nothing. The Phoenix Suns learned that tonight, dropping Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals to the Dallas Mavericks in a stunner that still feels difficult to...

Phoenix Suns Need Defense to Return in Game 7 vs Dallas Mavericks

Valley of the Suns 5/14 6:18A Stephen Garner
In a pivotal Game 5 in the friendly confines of the Footprint Center, the Phoenix Suns reminded everyone just which entity of the game is their backbone. Even though Game 6 went south, what we saw in Tuesday s contest will be key in taking the...

How the Phoenix Suns are going Back in Time to Beat Dallas Mavericks

Valley of the Suns 5/12 9:05A Kevin Germany
The Phoenix Suns are on the verge of finishing off a pesky Dallas Mavericks squad with the series heading back to the Lone Star state for Game 6. The Suns last beat the Mavericks in the playoffs in 2005, when league MVP Steve Nash led the Suns...

Phoenix Suns have to Start Winning this Quarter to Beat the Mavericks

Valley of the Suns 5/10 2:45P Stephen Garner
The 2021-22 Phoenix Suns were the league s best team, by far, at the conclusion of the NBA s 75th regular season. There were many examples and reasons as to why they were both dominant and able to consistently sustain such dominance across the...

How did the Phoenix Suns Get into this Spot with the Dallas Mavericks?

Valley of the Suns 5/10 2:29P Cole Whitaker
The Phoenix Suns took a commanding 2-0 lead over the Dallas Mavericks to start the second round of the NBA Playoffs. However, as it stands, we find ourselves staring right back at an even series. The energy, the offensive fluidity, everything has...

Phoenix Suns 3 Keys to Game 5 Bounce Back Victory vs Dallas Mavericks

Valley of the Suns 5/10 4:37A Collin Helwig
What the Phoenix Suns thought to be a punching bag in the Dallas Mavericks turned out to be a real sparring partner this past weekend. After taking it to Luka Doncic and company during the Western Confidence Seminfinals s first two contests,...

Suns Dario Saric Injury Update Rules Him Out for the Season

Valley of the Suns 5/7 12:15P Collin Helwig
The Phoenix Suns never needed reinforcements this year. Aside from a few mid-season trades and signings, their rotation kept them well afloat as constructed. With that, Dario Saric s unavailability this season felt more like some extra baggage to...

Phoenix Suns vs Dallas Mavericks NBA Playoffs Game 3 Recap

Valley of the Suns 5/7 8:24A Titan Frey
The Phoenix Suns defended the Footprint Center with cannon-fire, catapults, stone walls, and gator-filled moats during Games 1 and 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals this past week. Even as the Dallas Mavericks and Luka Doncic laid siege, the...

Phoenix Suns Matchups to Watch in Game 3 vs Dallas Mavericks

Valley of the Suns 5/6 9:00A Matt Escobar
After an unexpectedly grueling first round series against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Phoenix Suns now find themselves dancing with the Dallas Mavericks in round two. Phoenix has been dominant vs Dallas for some time now. Coming into this...

Phoenix Suns 3 Takeaways From Game 2 Victory over Dallas Mavericks

Valley of the Suns 5/6 3:30A Stephen Garner
The Phoenix Suns found themselves dealing with a unique set of circumstances during Game 2 on Wednesday night, even though the scoreboard eventually reflected a 129-109 victory in their favor. During this second chapter of the Western Conference...

Phoenix Suns Reaction to Game 2 Playoff Victory over Dallas Mavericks

Valley of the Suns 5/5 12:15P Tyler Stevens
Last night during Game 2, the Dallas Mavericks came out guns-a-blazing to begin the contest. But alas, the Phoenix Suns responded with some of their own firepower, and came out with the victory by a 129-109 margin. Phoenix again showed why they...
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