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How to Replace Damaged Wood Shakes

Executive Summary

How can you replace damaged wood shakes? Either you can contact any roofing company in Arizona or apply the following DIY techniques.

  • Inspection: Inspect your roof to find the visible signs of damage. The exterior signs can be the major causes of leaking. Evaluate possible signs of damage: broken shakes, flashing gaps, and different signs of wear and tear.
  • Apply a hammer and a chisel to split: Fix the chisel to the affected area of the damaged shake and use the hammer to strike onto the chisel. Apply it at a steady pace to avoid damaging.
  • Use a hacksaw: You have to use a hacksaw to remove the nails securing the shake. Slide the hacksaw blade beneath the shingle. Work on the old nails protruding from the roof board.
  • Build a new shake: Cut a new shake and try to fit it into the gap. You have to buy a roofline matching with the line. Use a utility knife to fit into the gap. Use galvanized nails to secure and slide the new shake. Use roofing cement to secure the nails.

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Monday, June 29, 2020