1st January 2020, Phoenix (Arizona)- Long-distance moving, whether it’s to another county within the same state or to another state across the country, can be a little challenging. Getting the right moving services to help you plan and execute the perfect move is essential to the success of your new start in a new place and Assurance Moving can help you achieve your moving goals with premium-quality relocation services at very affordable prices.

Assurance Moving has been a leader among long distance movers Phoenix Az. Our expert team of moving professionals goes above and beyond to customize relocation projects to suit the needs, preferences, and budget of each of our customers, which is why we have earned a name for ourselves as one of the best moving companies in Arizona state.

To why our company stands out as one of the leading long distance movers Phoenix Az has ever seen, take a look at some of the services we provide to our customers make long-distance moving a breeze.

Free Wrapping of Furniture- One of the biggest tasks of a moving job to move to large furniture and make sure it does not get a break. Our company professional’s stretch-wrap your furniture free of charge to ensure your possessions are not damaged during the moving process.

Doorway, Carpet and Railing Protection- When moving, it’s not just your belongings that can be damaged; it’s your home too. Furniture like sofa, TV rack can scratch up doorways and flooring when trying to maneuver it out of your house. Before we start your move, our team protects any doorway, flooring, and railings to prevent any damage when moving.

Online Shipment Tracking- We allow online shipment tracking that sets us apart from other long distance movers Phoenix Az. This allows customers to stay up to date on where your items are and when you expect its delivery, so you can plan accordingly.

Packing Materials Sales- We offer a wide variety of packing materials for sale if you would like to do some of the work yourself. Our professionals understand the need for customers to pack their personal items and we are here to provide you with the correct shipping materials to help get the job done.

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